Felixstowe Ferry

Photographs of the fishing huts, stalls, Deben ferry and river side at Felixstowe Ferry. This little community thrives with fresh fish stalls, fishing boats setting out to and returning from sea.
Interesting window
1 Interesting window
2 Malak
More boats
3 More boats
4 Crabbing
Fish for sale
5 Fish for sale
6 Rainbow
Small boats
7 Small boats
8 Ferry
Land ahoy
9 Land ahoy
Two red boats
10 Two red boats
Fishing shed
11 Fishing shed
12 Groynes
Beach huts
13 Beach huts
Martello Tower and window
14 Martello Tower and window
Telephone & pillar box
15 Telephone & pillar box
Martello Tower
16 Martello Tower
House boat
17 House boat
Shell Fish
18 Shell Fish
Telephone box
19 Telephone box